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Slingerland Teacher Training

Summer Session: June/July, 2018
(Exact Dates TBA)

Slingerland® Summer Courses are full-day, 4-week, training sessions which include a hands-on teaching practicum. This course will help you be more effective in teaching:

- Reading fluency- Decoding
- Reading comprehension- Basic writing skills
- Phonemic awareness- Handwriting
- Phonics and word recognition- Oral language skills

In this summer course, participants will learn how to present information so the visual, auditory and kinesthetic-tactile pathways are used simultaneously to enhance student academic performance. The Slingerland® Approach is an effective way to make the core curriculum accessible to all students.

All courses are approved for 133 Washington State clock hours or 6 continuing education units. Additional fee applies.

Available Courses

Level 1

This course is the core of the Slingerland training program and includes a practicum with students.
  • Introduction in steps of handwriting, written language, decoding and reading comprehension.
  • Understanding the etiology of dyslexia.
  • Introduction of phonics rules and their application in encoding and decoding.
  • Introduction to the neurology of language.
  • Understanding of the development of oral language skills.
  • Study of the history, philosophy and current research about dyslexia.
  • Lesson plan preparation using current curriculum in the Slingerland approach.

Level 2

Level 2 begins with a brief overview and focuses on more advanced techniques in the language arts continuum. The use of dictation paragraph and the screening procedures for identifying students will also be presented.

  • Guided observation of the diagnostic and prescriptive elements within the daily format.
  • Practice in diagnosing and prescribing for more than one child.
  • Relating oral language skills to reading and writing.
  • Understanding the vertical and horizontal use of the format for daily instruction.
  • Integration of new learning throughout the format.
  • Instruction in critical thinking skills necessary for reading, writing, and speaking.
  • Study current research in dyslexia.
  • Administration and Evaluation of Slingerland Screening Materials.

Level 3

The Participant learns how to organize, maintain, and evaluate a summer Slingerland session, its students and participants. This course requires prior approval for people interested in increasing their skills in the Slingerland Approach or continuing training to become a staff teacher.

What others have said...

"I wish I had done this [course] years ago...I feel this is one of the most beneficial training courses that I have taken." - Mariette

"The training is very intensive and I highly recommend this summer program. Any reading teacher would benefit from Slingerland training." - Wendy

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