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Summer Programs

Camp HRS 2018
July 2-27, 2018
(No Camp July 4)

Join us for a summer of fun and learning! Explore our options by clicking through the tabs below and see how fun summer can be.


2017 Camp HRS Schedule and Pricing:

The hour between camps (12-1 PM) is supervised for students participating in both morning and afternoon camp sessions. Students will eat lunch and have a recess during that time.

Enrichment Camps

Dates: Weekly, July 2-27, 2018
Times: Morning (9 AM - 12 PM) & Afternoon (1 PM - 4 PM)

Art-Rageous Mixed Media Mash-Up I & II

Join us in an artistic adventure creating 2-D and 3-D art forms exploring metal work, sculpture, fiber art, printmaking and painting!

Note: Mixed Media Mash-Up I & II have different content and projects

B-Boying & B-Girling

Learn the skills to become a breaker or improve the skills you already have. Develop your own style and attitude as you learn this popular street dance originating in New York City in the 1970s. Practice toprock, downrock, and freezes. This energetic art form allows you to have fun as you focus your energy and have a great workout!

Capoeira (Martial Arts)

This Brazilian martial art includes fun and active elements of music, martial arts, and movement. Capoeira offers practitioners an encouraging community where they can practice concentration, physical fitness, and rhythm all while having fun and playing. Come join us! This is a perfect opportunity to practice handstands, cartwheels, laughing and singing.

Chess Camp

Everyone can enjoy a good game of chess! In addition to being a wonderful strategy game, chess offers the opportunity to practice vital techniques such as focus, planning ahead, patience, and other skills that will travel off the chess board and into your daily life. Chess provides and incredible opportunity to learn while having fun!

Circus Arts

What’s more fun than a circus? Juggling, unicycles, jump ropes, balance balls, and hula hoops—this camp has it all. Students will learn about teamwork and communication as they have fun creating a circus. The week will end with students being able to share what they have learned.


Join us in the HRS Innovation Lab to code animation, applications, and games. We will use Code studio and MIT Scratch and Blender, supported by a variety of graphics, video, and audio software, to create stand-alone software creations that really pop!

Note: This camp is for children 3rd grade and up

LEGO Robotics

Design, assemble, and program your own robots using LEGO Mindstorms®. You will build exciting robots on your first day, test them, and improve on the original design. Imagine it, build it, and watch it go! What better way to get engaged in a STEM field?

Note: This camp is for children 3rd grade and up

Mad Science

The world is a fascinating place – engage with it in this camp! You’ve no doubt observed the fascinating forces that shape the world, why not test them out? This week of science will encourage you to explore, predict, and test out ideas through hands-on science activities and experiments

Sports, Sports, Sports

Can’t choose your favorite sport to play this summer? You don’t have to! We’ll be emphasizing fun and good sportsmanship as we play football, soccer, basketball, and other games. You’ll gain a wide range of athletic skills in this class and enjoy the sunshine!

Stop Action Video

Lights, camera, action! Stop action, that is. Bring your ideas and imagination to use digital cameras and computers to create your very own stop action videos. Learn how to add audio, titles, and transitions. Explore adding special effects to top off your creative endeavor.

Note: This camp is for children 3rd grade and up

World Exploration

Take an exciting journey to new lands as we experience cultures from around the world through games, sports, arts, and food. Explore what life might be like to grow up somewhere else and make meaningful cultural connections.

Extended Care

Dates: By week, July 2-27, 2018
Times: Morning (8 -9 AM) & Afternoon (4-6 PM)

Camp HRS provides optional wrap-around care during our summer program. Before Care opens at 8:00 AM and After Care runs until 6:00 p.m. Before and/or After Care is offered on a weekly basis to best fit the schedules of families during the summer program.

Registration is required. We are unable to provide drop-in care.

Slingerland Program

Dates: July 2-27, 2018
Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

We believe that all students are happiest when they feel successful. Students enjoy the Slingerland® program because they understand the instruction and gain confidence in their ability to learn. We regularly see the pride in their successes.

During the 3.5-week class, students learn and practice oral language skills, penmanship, sound-symbol correspondence, spelling, written expression, decoding, and reading comprehension strategies.

What students benefit from the Summer Slingerland® Program?

  • Students possessing average to superior intelligence, but are not achieving in the language skills such as reading, spelling, penmanship, oral and/or written expression.
  • Children with language-based learning differences
  • Students who have a pattern of language difficulties in their family
  • Children showing weakness in the auditory and/or visual modalities, which interfere with understanding and using language.
  • Students with kinesthetic motor modality weakness that interferes with recall of the sequence of movement involved in spoken language or in letter formation for penmanship.

Math Camps

Dates: Weekly, July 7-27, 2018
Times: Morning (9 AM - 12 PM) & Afternoon (1 PM - 4 PM)

Students build on their understanding of core math skills and concepts through exploration, games, and expert instruction. These workshops provide an opportunity to review and practice basic skills and solidify understanding.

Math Camps are designed for students who may need extra support or who are not achieving at expected levels in math.

Available Math Camps

Addition and Subtraction

Recommended grades 1-3

Your child will build on their understanding of the base ten number system, place value, and what it means to add and subtract. Students will experiment with measuring length using various objects.

This workshop will help students develop their understanding that mathematics involves solving problems and talking about what they did to solve those problems.

Multiplication & Division

Recommended grades 3-5

Your child will build on their understanding of the meaning of multiplication and division. Students will practice their multiplication and division facts and explore various strategies used for both. Students will solve problems and build their math vocabulary.

Decimals & Fractions

Recommended grades 4-6

Your child will build on their understanding of decimals and fractions and how they are used. Students will deepen their understanding by comparing and ordering fractions and representing them in various ways. With a solid understanding of fractions as numbers, students will have a foundation to be successful with the challenging skills of learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions.

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