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Our Permanent Home

    After spending over 30 years in leased locations, Hamlin Robinson School built a new, permanent home and moved onto the campus in June 2015.

    We are incredibly proud of our new facility. It was designed for our programs and for our students. Everything– from the classroom designs, to the natural lighting, to the noise reduction capabilities– helps to fulfill the mission of our school.

    A brief history:

    In 2013, HRS found out that we were losing the lease at TT Minor and that we needed a new home! The HRS Board (with support from their committees) acquired property; designed a building with a focus on our students’ needs; raised money to build our new campus; and made it possible for us to move into the building exactly one year from breaking ground.

    Capital campaign commitments began in December 2013 and total approximately $9.3 million dollars (updated 12/17). This is a remarkable feat for any organization– and particularly for a school that had never conducted a significant capital campaign in its 30+ year history.

    The capital campaign (still in progress) not only yielded our amazing campus – designed specifically for our students and programs– it also aided in the acquisition of additional properties to our north and south. The southern property was utilized for the construction of our new Playfields & Pavilion. Use of the northern property is being considered in long term strategic plans for the school.

    In 2019, HRS announced that it purchased the Oberto property along Rainier Avenue to the east of the school. In June of that year, the HRS Board of Trustees voted to build a new Middle School with an expanded Learning Center on the property. The new building is scheduled to open for the 2022-23 school year. You can read more about these capital projects here.

    It means the world to us that Hamlin Robinson School is HOME and we can continue serving students for generations to come.