Middle School Project


In May of 2018, the HRS Board of Trustees seized the opportunity to purchase a highly coveted property directly across the street from the school’s current campus, allowing the creation of a dual, integrated campus. It became the site of our new middle school, which opened in November 2022. The new facility allows for increased enrollment in both the middle and lower school building. It also expands the HRS Learning Center. 

Every inch of the middle school is carefully planned to create an ideal learning environment for our students. It is designed to engage and inspire young minds. The makerspace is a collaborative area for making, learning, and exploring, using both high tech and low tech tools. The building includes a video production studio, state-of-the-art science labs, a drama room, workout space, and more. A dedicated fiber connection and interactive projectors with voice lift in every classroom provide teachers with advanced technology tools. Common areas and gathering spaces foster and enable collaboration and team building.


Middle school is a time of growth and transformation. At HRS, students achieve success while surrounded by peers who share similar learning differences. Teachers, trained in multisensory instruction, challenge students to reach their potential while delivering instruction designed specifically for them in a safe and engaging environment.

Combines a rigorous
academic program with intentional supports

Through consistency and structure, our middle school academic program prepares students for high school and beyond.

Students practice executive function skills, organization skills, and goal setting

Our advisory program provides direction and coaching for students, using a daily planner and other organization systems.

Develops self-advocacy and independence as core competencies

Our students build confidence as learners. They are able to communicate their needs to their instructors now, in high school, and beyond.

Cultivates empathy, critical thinking, and leadership skills

Our common purpose is to provide a place where students feel they belong, and where they can be their authentic self.