Library + Technology


The HRS library program encourages students to develop a love of reading and information seeking. Students explore literature and non-fiction materials, and learn how to use the library for fun as well as for research. Library class emphasizes executive functioning skills and teaches responsible digital citizenship.


Technology is taught as part of the greater learning process. All technology applications are focused on some aspect of discovery, expression, presentation, problem solving, and communication.

Focus on Integration and Collaboration

Our students use technology resources to investigate and report on specific subjects in a variety of the core classes. Examples include Level 5 conducting research on the fifty states and writing reports, Level 8 learning to use Excel to chart scientific data, and Level 4 starting keyboarding practice.

Assistive Technology

HRS is expanding the use of assistive technology in our curriculum. This includes text-to-speech that will read any data available online; speech-to-text which will allow students to compose text by speaking; grammar and spelling checkers; and screen capture (both still and moving). These tools are intended to expand the potential for literacy and expression. Uses will continue to be refined and developed as we learn of and test an expanding array of tools.

Classroom Tools for MultiSensory Learning

All classrooms are equipped with a coordinated system that involves a computer, document camera, interactive projector, wireless internet, and room filling audio. Technology allows our teachers to bring the whole world into the classroom and present daily assignments in a rich visual format.