Screening Services

The term “screening” includes a broad array of tests that provide a snapshot of overall development. Among its uses, screenings can help determine if a student is on track or if a specialist should complete a formal evaluation. Screening procedures can be useful for students as young as kindergarten and continuing through adulthood. 

The HRS Learning Center offers two types of screenings: 

  • STAR CBM Screening: A quick, normative screening, approved by the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) as “an assessment tool to detect signs of dyslexia or other reading difficulties” (Grades K-4) 

  • Slingerland® Screening: A comprehensive assessment used to gain insight about student strengths and weakness in the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic cognitive processing areas, as well as the degree to which working memory may contribute to the student’s challenges in each of these areas (pre-readers through early high school)