Speech + Language Services

The HRS Learning Center offers fee-based speech and language services for enrolled students during the academic school year. Our flexible, school-based model offers person-centered therapy that helps prepare students to reach their communication potential in changing learning environments. HRS therapy programs typically include a combination of: 

Speech + Language Services 

  • Comprehensive case review 

  • Weekly session or therapy alternative (when school is in session) 

  • Classroom visits for language support 

  • Student observations 

  • Teacher consultations as needed 

  • Parent consultations if requested 

  • Written progress reports, coinciding with late fall and spring parent-teacher conferences 

Services are contracted from October through early June, and all sessions occur during school hours (not before or after school). Students may be added to the program during the school year, on a space available basis. To learn more and connect directly with an HRS Speech Language Pathologist, please submit the inquiry form.(If you submit an inquiry during summer months, there may be a delay in response until the speech team returns in late August.)

Speech + Language Evaluations 

HRS provides screenings, at no charge, to assess the need for speech or language therapy. If an evaluation is recommended, families can find the best fit by exploring the following options:  

Option 1: Public School 
Public schools evaluate students free of charge, if eligibility for specialized services is in question. Evaluations are scheduled through the local district or public school of residence. If it is determined a student qualifies for speech services, these are offered free of charge at the public school of residence through IEP services. HRS is not contracted to provide public school speech and language services. However, we can use an existing school evaluation and IEP to initiate therapy at HRS.  

Option 2: HRS Learning Center 
The Learning Center offers two types of evaluations for students enrolled at HRS: 

  • $300 for a speech sound disorders (articulation) evaluation  

  • $600 for a comprehensive speech and language evaluation 

Option 3: Private Speech + Language Pathologists 
HRS can provide referrals to speech language pathologists outside of HRS for evaluation services, upon request. 

Please contact hrsspeech@hamlinrobinson.org to learn more about the HRS speech and language program or to schedule an evaluation.