Wired for Reading®

Wired For Reading® is an independent organization and is not an entity of Hamlin Robinson School or the HRS Learning Center. 

Wired For Reading® is an evidenced-based linguistics program — created by Laura Rogan — for reading, spelling, and vocabulary. Wired For Reading® simplifies English spelling patterns without compromising them and empowers students to fluidly break down words when reading and spelling. Students learn to connect speech to sounds, sounds to letters, and letters to meaning. 

Course Descriptions and Dates

Clock Hours or Credits Offered

More information about clock hours and credits is provided during Wired for Reading® courses. Clock hours are applicable to Washington state only. Credits can be used to acknowledge post-graduate work regardless of state of residence.  

  • Introductory: 3 credits or 30 clock hours
  • Intermediate: 1 credit or 10 clock hours
  • Advanced: 2 credits or 20 clock hours