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Fall Workshop

Multi-Sensory Math with Christopher Woodin

A workshop for educators, tutors, and parents

Saturday, October 7, 2017

9:00 am – 3:30 pm

$150 fee

6 Washington State clock hours available for $10

Hamlin Robinson School

1701 20th Ave S, Seattle, WA 9814

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Learning math can be challenging, especially for students who have learning differences. Chris Woodin has developed innovative, research-based methods for teaching about numbers and learning basic math skills. Topics may include:

  • The role of language and visual processing skills, executive functioning, and motor planning in acquiring math competency
  • Instructional methods using minimum language demands and whole-to-part, multimodal strategies to help students efficiently store, retrieve, and express information
  • Strategies for students who have difficulty learning, sequencing, and executing multi-step procedures
  • Adapting materials to provide structure and scaffolding and to promote independence
  • Strategies to help students activate their prior knowledge, process text-based problems, and develop self-checking skills

About Christopher Woodin:

Christopher Woodin, Ed. M, is a specialist in the fields of mathematics and learning disabilities. The author of The Landmark Method of Teaching Arithmetic (1995), Mr. Woodin is a graduate of Middlebury College and Harvard Graduate School of Education and served on the Massachusetts Department of Education’s Mathematics 2011 Curriculum Framework Panel. He holds the Ammerman Chair of Mathematics at Landmark School, Elementary-Middle School Campus in Manchester, Massachusetts; and was the 1997 Massachusetts Learning Disabilities Association (LDA) Samuel Kirk Educator of the Year.