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Slingerland Teacher Training

Slingerland Short Classes: March-May, 2020

Slingerland® Short Classes will be held throughout the year. For more information on exact dates, please refer to the Learning Center Event Calendar.

Classes will be held from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Fridays and from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays.

Participants can register for these classes online beginning on December 15. Click here to register.

The available classes include:

Pre-Reading Skills Class (March 6-7): The Slingerland Pre-Reading Skills class covers techniques for teaching the precursors to formal reading: oral language, phonemic awareness, and the sight, sound and form of each letter of the alphabet. These beginning multisensory skills can prevent failure and give children the foundation needed for future success with formal reading, writing and spelling and is ideal professionals working with preschool through first grade students.

Handwriting Skills Class (April 17-18): This Slingerland Handwriting Skills class offers instructional techniques for teaching manuscript and cursive handwriting using the Slingerland® Approach. Through explicit instruction and active practice and application of Slingerland® multisensory techniques, each teacher/participant will become proficient with both writing forms, and will learn methods of presenting handwriting skills to all levels of students, in order to make legible writing possible for all students.

Screening Skills Class (May 16-17): The sooner that children with language learning challenges can be identified, the sooner remediation can begin. The Slingerland Screening Skills class covers procedures for screening students in grades 1 through 6, using the Slingerland Screening Tests for Identifying Children with Specific Language Disability, Forms A, B, C, and D. These procedures help identify students with specific language disabilities, and can also aid in identifying students who will benefit from structured multisensory instruction.

All classes require a minimum of 8 participants. A class may be cancelled due to low enrollment.

These 12.5 hour classes are also approved for continuing education units through the University of San Diego. These credits are not part of a degree program and are at the option of the teacher/participant. Additional units or credit may be available through a local site. Clock hours will be available through 247Ed. Details on clock hours will be provided at the beginning of each class. An additional fee may be required to receive continuing education units or clock hours.

Summer Session: July 6-31, 2020

Slingerland® Summer Courses are full-day, 4-week, training sessions which include a hands-on teaching practicum. This course will help you be more effective in teaching:

- Reading fluency- Decoding
- Reading comprehension- Basic writing skills
- Phonemic awareness- Handwriting
- Phonics and word recognition- Oral language skills

In this summer course, participants will learn how to present information so the visual, auditory and kinesthetic-tactile pathways are used simultaneously to enhance student academic performance. The Slingerland® Approach is an effective way to make the core curriculum accessible to all students.

Click here to access the 2020 registration form.

All courses are approved for 133 Washington State clock hours or 6 continuing education units. Additional fee applies.

Available Courses

What others have said...

"I wish I had done this [course] years ago...I feel this is one of the most beneficial training courses that I have taken." - Mariette

"The training is very intensive and I highly recommend this summer program. Any reading teacher would benefit from Slingerland training." - Wendy