A Dream Come to Life

Alan Robinson and Terri Schreiber recently visited Hamlin Robinson School. If the names seem familiar, they are. Both Alan and Terri have very personal links to HRS.

Family dreams and deep-rooted connections were central themes of their visit.

Months ago, Terri, a former Microsoft employee, was scrolling through the company’s alumni foundation recipient page one day when a logo caught her eye, one she hadn’t seen in many years, but one she instantly recognized: Hamlin Robinson School. The school, founded by her aunt Mary Helen and the Robinson family, was one she remembered only as a yet-to-be-realized dream her aunt spoke about.

Terri sent an internal inquiry to learn who was affiliated with HRS and was introduced to Will Sadler, a fellow Microsoft alum and the current parent of an HRS student. They arranged a time for Terri to fly to Seattle from her home in Colorado to see her aunt’s vision in the reality of Hamlin Robinson School. Joined by her cousin Alan, Terri marveled at a dream come to life.

As Terri’s first time at the school, there was much to explore.

Alan worked hand in hand with his mom for many years, accomplishing all of the behind-the-scenes details to get the school up and running, and the growth has exceeded his expectations. A stellar student, Alan always felt incredibly lucky that academics came easy to him, and knows how important a school is that helps students fight their challenges and meet their goals.

When thinking to the future, Alan and Terri both see a place with boundless potential, one that provides valuable services in the face of ever-growing need. Their shared wish for the school is for the provided resources, like tutoring and teacher training, to continue to grow, expanding its potential reach and serving more individuals, no matter where they reside.