A Safe Place to Land

Alums from Hamlin Robinson School are filled with creativity and driven to follow their dreams.

Recently, we’ve been following one alumna’s passion project, which will earn her the designation as the first female Eagle Scout from her troop. What started out as an individual plan, bloomed into a full-fledged community effort.

Elysia Craff’s project, building an eagle perching pole on Eagle Island in Eagle Lake, wasn’t simple.

It required special materials, engineering, and some high-powered leverage to hoist the pole upwards.The new perch replaces a previous one that had deteriorated and fallen in a storm.

The project started with digging a 3-foot-deep hole for the cement base filled with forty-eight 60-pound bags of cement mix. This became the foundation for a 35-foot aluminum flagpole, topped with a custom aluminum pipe welded perch. To get all of the pieces together, Elysia gathered support from local specialty businesses and volunteers, as well as financing from her community through a GoFundMe.

Just a few weeks ago, everything finally came together and all of Elysia’s hard work paid off. The new perch is now successfully installed, sturdy, and ready to serve as a safe resting place.

It will undoubtedly stand for years to come, built by one HRS eagle, for all local eagles so they can perch, rest, and preen.