A Season of Growth

What is it about spring that is so extraordinary? Spring is filled with promise.

It evokes the feeling of new life and opportunity, appreciation for more light in our day, the urge to make new plans, and the craving to nest. At HRS, spring has sprung!

We are actively planning for the opening of our new middle school this fall. We are posting new job positions, accepting new students and families, formulating moving plans, identifying new furnishings, and preparing to nest. This isn’t just happening in the middle school; it includes making plans to expand the lower school into our current building and growing our learning center space and capacity. We are flourishing – just like wildlife in the Pacific Northwest when springtime begins.

There is also much to appreciate. We gathered at the Seattle Design Center for the first time as a community since 2019 for our annual auction gala, Sow & Grow, our middle school students returned to camp, our summer school program is expanding, and graduation for our Level 8 students will happen in-person. This is awesome!

This spring marks one year since I launched my monthly blog. At that time, I hoped it would serve as a way to build connections and relationships, spark conversation, but also to share more about what makes our school so exceptional. I’ve also found it gives me a chance to express more about what inspires me and helps build awareness of our school in the wider community.

Every day I come to work and feel grateful. As a school and organization, we are united in our common purpose to help students with dyslexia achieve success in school and feel good about doing it. Like any job, the work doesn’t come without its challenges, but just like in spring when our daylight gets longer, when you’re doing something you truly love, suddenly, your days are filled with potential and your energy seems to be endless.

Stacy Turner
Head of School

Notes from the Head of School Blog