Con-GRAD-ulations Class of 2022

Graduation serves as a capstone to a year filled with great memories.

It is the final acknowledgement of a job well done, the send-off to a group of talented students, and a chance to reflect on the many accomplishments in each student’s individual educational journey. For the Hamlin Robinson School Class of 2022, it was all of this and more. Not only did the class come together to celebrate each other, but the ceremony included students in Levels 6 and 7 for an often-tearful event.

Every graduate took the stage for a brief speech commemorating their time at the school. In keeping with tradition, speeches offered thanks to teachers and other supporters, and words of hope for what the future may hold. They made public speaking look effortless. As these students prepare to start high school this year, here are some of their parting thoughts:

“Over the years, Hamlin Robinson School taught me a lot about reading and writing and boosted my confidence.”

“Now that I am off to high school, I can look back at how this school helped my education make a comeback.”

“My education helped me prepare for what is to come by letting me enjoy reading instead of dreading it.”

“I just want to say thank you. Thank you to all the HRS staff who make this place so special, thank you to my mom for finding this hidden gem, and finally thank you to all my friends for just making Hamlin Robinson School such a fun place to come every day.”

“From the beginning, the teachers always made sure I had an enjoyable experience, and that I learned to my full potential.”

“The ability to read has allowed me to comprehend assignments and prepared me for the readings and work that will come in high school.”

“Today, I spend hours every week in my room, writing and composing my own music. In high school I plan on taking lessons for different types of instruments, and to begin branching out to other local artists.”

At the end of graduation night, as guests enjoyed cake, streamers, and endless conversation, there was a feeling of pride and excitement for the future. To the HRS Class of 2022, best wishes as you enter high school – we know you’ll continue to soar.