Cultivate HRS

The support of our entire community is essential to unlocking new possibilities for Hamlin Robinson School. 

Through the generosity of others, more students can access and take full advantage of our educational program and learning opportunities.

Gifts to the Annual Fund allow HRS to say “yes” to innovative curriculum, help tuition remain affordable for all families, and keep salaries competitive. Last year, over 700 alumni, parents, parents of alumni, grandparents, and friends helped provide over $200,000 in flexible support. Every gift adds up to create an HRS experience unlike any other. And it’s all made possible by you!

Fundraising is essential and helps:

  • Keep tuition affordable for everyone: when our fundraising is successful, it offsets other expenses allowing the school to keep tuition increases to a minimum.
  • Keep our educational program innovative and modern: additional funds allow us to invest in curriculum and program enhancements to elevate beyond the basic essentials.
  • Keep salaries competitive so we can continue to attract pioneering and outstanding faculty.
  • Keep us nimble so we can invest in necessary goods or services when needed.

What makes this year different?
We are asking HRS supporters to make two gifts this year; a gift to the capital campaign for our new middle school, in addition to their usual annual gift.

What is the goal?
Our goal is $150,000 for the Annual Fund and $250,000 for the capital campaign.

Why is the capital campaign so important?
Proceeds from the campaign will help fund the new HRS middle school. This expansion will build on HRS programmatic strengths and allow for innovative growth across all three core programs: the middle school, the Learning Center, and the lower school.

  • School enrollment capacity will expand from 315 to 500.
  • The waitlist pool of students will be reduced.
  • Increased services for students, parents, educators, and community members will be available through the Learning Center.

The HRS Middle School is scheduled to open in the fall of 2022.

How do I make a gift?

Click here!

How can I increase the impact of my support through a matching gift?
Many companies and foundations will match charitable gifts made by employees, their spouses, and retirees. Check our matching gift database to see if you are eligible.

Is it really important to support the HRS Annual Fund every year?
Yes! Consistent giving provides the foundation for HRS to make bold plans and undertake new challenges.

Why should I consider a multiyear pledge to the campaign?
A multiyear pledge makes a larger gift possible. Paying over 3-years makes stretching a little farther to help HRS reach our $250,000 fundraising goal for our middle school project possible.

Learn more about the capital campaign and annual fund here.