Engaging with HRS Grads

Hamlin Robinson School is committed to providing resources for students long after they leave our campus.

Together with the HRS Learning Center, the HRS alumni office strives to create opportunities for alumni to connect, grow together, and advance their individual goals.

Coming up next month, the Learning Center is hosting a webinar for all high school age alumni to assist with the college search process. For younger alumni, HRS has been experimenting with a mentorship pilot program.

Mentorship Pilot Program

With the objective of helping students achieve academic and social integration through improved self-esteem while building self-advocacy skills, Hamlin Robinson School is testing a pilot, one-to-one mentorship program for a small group of HRS alumni. The program is a partnership with Jake Sussman, CEO and Program Director for Superpower Consulting. Jake, based in New York, was able to visit HRS this fall to see the school in action and experience downtown Seattle for the first time.

In the pilot, recent graduates of HRS are paired with a mentor who also struggles with dyslexia. The mentors provide support in areas of communication, time management, responsibility, and confidence as these students make the transition to high school. Through this program, we are able to develop and nurture our alumni community. With the first year well underway, feedback on the pilot program has been very promising.

One parent shared this about the experience, “My daughter is thriving with the support of her mentor. This program is invaluable and we are so grateful to be part of it.”

We are excited to explore the continuation of this program for next year. If you would like to learn more, reach out to Rebecca Nuffer, Alumni and Outreach Manager.

College Search Tips for Students with Language-Based Learning Differences

March 26, 2022 at 10am PST

For many HRS alumni, the future includes college. But how does the college search process differ for students with dyslexia or another language-based learning difference? A collection of curated resources including books, websites, parent tips and scholarships has been posted to the HRS Learning Center webpage, under the Students and Families tab.

To address specific questions, HRS also hosts webinars tailored to the needs of students and alumni. This spring, join us for our 2nd Annual College Search webinar on March 26, with Hallie Ciarlone, the Director of College Counseling from Delaware Valley Friends School. The webinar will provide a platform to discuss organization tips, support services to consider and how to access them at college, as well as additional time for Q&A. Registration is required but open to all – join in and bring your friends!

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