HRS Speaker Series Goes Virtual + National

The HRS Speaker Series was launched in 2015, the same year Hamlin Robinson School moved to its new campus. 

The original purpose of these events was to share relevant and educational information with HRS families, local educators, and community members.

For over five years, all HRS Speaker Series events were hosted on-site by the HRS Learning Center, helping further establish our presence as a leading resource in the local community. Then the pandemic made on-site, in-person public events for the 2020-21 school year no longer possible. So, the Learning Center did what HRS asks students to do each day; we found another way to learn and share. The HRS Speaker Series went virtual.

After successfully beta testing our webinar process in October 2020 (special thanks to presenter John Lorton!), the HRS Learning Center quickly realized the benefits of shifting to online events:

  • A wide range of speakers can be more easily recruited from across the U.S.
  • Information is freely accessible to anyone – not limited to on-site attendees.
  • The audience expanded to local, regional, national, and international participants.
  • Overall online attendance more than tripled versus past in-person events, with unlimited potential for future growth.

Another key benefit to the virtual HRS Speaker Series is the ability to record and share event presentations on the HRS website.

Individuals unable to attend or unaware of a scheduled event can access these recordings and be equipped with the knowledge shared.

How will the HRS Speaker Series evolve as in-person events again become viable? The HRS Learning Center is currently exploring options for live streaming so both on-site and virtual attendees can access presentations. This option would involve investment in equipment and training - and would ultimately benefit countless families and educators from across the nation and globe.

We also need your help! The most formidable obstacle we face is generating awareness of the HRS Speaker Series and the archived recordings. We fight to get this information to the people who most need it, and your assistance is critical.

New 2021-22 series events will be posted in early September. Please visit our website, register for events, view archived recordings, and share this information with personal networks. You never know just how much someone else may benefit from the HRS Speaker Series.

Speaker Series Webpage