Lower School Poetry Adventure

Lower school students had the joy of going on an adventure in March - a poetry adventure that is!

Janet Wong, award winning author, publisher, and poet was a welcome visitor at the Hamlin Robinson School campus. As the winner of the 2021 NCTE Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children, Janet has a wealth of experience and a unique ability to connect with students of all ages. She also brought her poetry suitcase, loaded with props that inspired special poems about family, feelings, and favorite foods.

Afterwards, Janet challenged HRS students to create their own poems and drawings over the next week and gave prizes to those who participated. The challenge paired perfectly with the poetry unit for intermediate students, helping provide HRS teachers with additional context and real-life examples. This event was made possible thanks to the Joan Beauregard Endowment for Discovery and Enrichment.

Below are a few poems written by lower school students.