Measuring Progress

I am lucky to have a bird's-eye view of the middle school construction site across the street and right outside my office window.

What is so unique about watching the building go up, is the remarkable amount of change occurring on a daily basis. I can literally watch tangible and quantifiable progress every single day.

When I compare this to my work as Head of School, change often occurs at a more gradual pace or may not be as noticeable in a physical sense. That doesn’t mean we are not making progress, it just means growth is often measured internally. Academic success is pretty amorphous in nature. For each and every student, and for the teachers working with them, success can be measured in lots of different ways. Sometimes, something very simple counts as progress and when compared to other achievements, has just as much weight toward overall improvement. So when I look out my window each day, it reminds me that some changes are obvious, and some are incremental.

Preparing to move into our new space requires a step-by-step approach. Our team is meeting every other week to discuss and formalize all aspects of the move; from operations to furnishings, to communications to curriculum. There are lots of layers and moving parts – and it’s slow but steady work. Furnishing an entire building takes careful planning while also managing the logistics in an environment with supply chain pressure. The good news, we are enthusiastic and determined.

In mid-January, we hosted our HRS Middle School preview event to showcase the program for current Level 5 families. These students will be the first to have the opportunity to spend all three years in the new space and take advantage of the expanded program. As we continue to envision the future, it’s impossible not to feel a huge sense of pride in our growth and how this new space will impact the community.

Finally, we hope you can join us for our 2022 gala auction, Sow & Grow! The Hamlin Robinson School auction will be an in-person event on Saturday, March 19 at 6pm at the Seattle Design Center. More details about how to purchase tickets or support the auction are included in this newsletter.

With our expectations in focus and much to do, 2022 is sure to be filled with lots of firsts, some more visible than others but all of them equally noteworthy. I look forward to the year ahead.

Stacy Turner
Head of School