Spring is Here! A Note from Stacy Turner

Flowers bloom, the weather starts to warm, and the grey of winter begins to lift. With continued hope, we are starting to see the slow and steady impact of the vaccine, resulting in a stable but carefully planned reopening.

On April 29, HRS students had the option to return to class for four full days of in-person instruction each week through the remainder of the school year. It is hard to explain how much this changes “life” at HRS.

HRS simply isn’t the same without students laughing in the hallways, running around in the gym, touring the neighborhood for a nature walk, or just simply sitting in the library to read a book. We haven’t had the opportunity to return to every normal activity prior to the pandemic, but we are on our way, which feels fantastic.

We are thrilled to offer a summer program this year; although modified, this is an additional small sign of stability. During this 3.5-week class, students will learn and practice oral language skills, handwriting, sound-symbol correspondence, spelling, written expression, decoding, and reading comprehension strategies. Program details can be found here.

In this issue of the newsletter, readers will learn a bit more about our plans to open a new middle school in the fall of 2022. This has been a project several years in the making and one I am deeply committed to seeing through. After a short pause in the fundraising campaign last spring at the beginning of the pandemic, our volunteer cabinet members doubled down and devoted themselves to this project and ensuring the success of our efforts. They are a remarkable group. This new beginning will change the landscape for HRS far into the future. More details will be shared as we launch our community phase of the campaign in the weeks ahead.

Finally, a special thank you to our community of supporters who joined us for our virtual auction. I know everyone was wondering how this non-traditional format would work out, but I can truly say it was good for the soul. It was engaging, fun, delightful, and above all, a way for our community to join together and celebrate with each other. HRS is a special place – and I am honored to serve in this role each day.

Stacy Turner
Head of School