The Heroes of HRS Social Media

In a year when so much has changed, we’ve been presented with challenges we’ve never encountered before.

In a year when so much has changed, we’ve been presented with challenges we’ve never encountered before; at the same time, it’s an opportunity to rise to the occasion and think outside-the-box when messaging our mission. 

The HRS social media team is re-imagining ways to share the Hamlin Robinson School experience with the greater community. 

Everyone and everything is now online. Our goal; share and celebrate the stories of our school and our students in a way that creates impact amidst all the noise. How are we doing it? Focusing on what we do best – teaching, mentoring and motivating. One example: #MotivationalMondays published at the start of each week on Facebook and Instagram, dedicated to sharing teachers’ reflections on topics such as courage and perseverance. 

What do I enjoy most about being a member of the social media team? Capturing photos and videos of our students engaged in learning both onscreen and in-person. When students slowly and safely returned back to the building, our youngest community members entered the doors with a pep in their step, dutifully sanitizing their hands, and smiling and chattering away as they went to class. 

Seeing students excited and eager to learn reminds me of the silver lining; they possess and embrace an unwavering enthusiasm and excitement even when surroundings have not returned to ‘normal’. 

With the end of the year approaching, we will whole-heartedly celebrate and honor this season of gratitude on social media, highlighting our kind, caring, dedicated, and supportive community. 

At HRS, there are so many heroes to acknowledge: 

Our teachers – for adapting our structured literacy program into an online convention while continuously researching best practices and resources to engage and support our students. 

Our staff – for ensuring learning and working spaces are safe for everyone while also embracing new, creative, and innovative ways to build community and provide resources to students and families. 

Our parents – for their unwavering support, trust, and belief in our mission and our program. 

Our students – for showing up to class every day (in-person and on-line) with energy and dedication to learning. 

When this pandemic is over, we can’t wait to capture, share, and celebrate our amazing community in-person. In the meantime, we will continue to share our news and stories the way we know best; by highlighting the everyday heroes at Hamlin Robinson School. 

Turning on post notifications is a great way to ensure you always see HRS updates on social media. On our Facebook page, click the three dots to the right of 'like' and 'message' and choose 'follow settings' to customize your news from HRS. On Instagram, just choose any of our posts and click the three dots in the right-hand corner, choose 'turn on post notifications'. 

We hope you'll follow along as we continue to share all things HRS. 

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