The Oberto Family + HRS

Learn more about how Steve and Kim Oberto helped make the Hamlin Robinson middle school project a reality.

With the family’s history of philanthropy in mind, Steve and Kim Oberto recognized the vision Hamlin Robinson School had for the space where the Oberto Factory on Rainier stood when it came up for sale. Like they had many years earlier when they sold the land where the current HRS building stands, their business decision encompassed their deep belief in the value of the school’s mission and in their desire to ensure all students have the tools they need to be successful.

With the expansion of the school, the positive impact Hamlin Robinson School can provide continues to grow, from the number of students served on campus, to the capacity of the learning center, to teacher training for educators from across the country.

Visit our capital campaign webpage to learn more about how you can get involved during this historic time for our school.

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