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Staying connected in the time of COVID poses challenges but we're finding new ways to work, play, and learn together.

Staying connected in the time of COVID poses challenges, but with creativity and a dedication to our mission, we're finding new ways to work, play, and learn together.

Spreading Kindness with Painted Rocks
Looking for a no-contact activity to keep our primary students connected outside of the classroom, Parent Association reps came up with an idea that – well, rocks! 

In Ms. Krueger’s Level 3 class, students were paired together and spent a week performing acts of kindness for their partners, such as exchanging compliments and praise. 

During a weekend social, primary students gathered on Zoom to paint rocks together. Students paid special attention to the interests of their partners, painting butterflies or Pokémon characters, knowing they would particularly enjoy these images. When gathered together during an in-person school day, students exchanged these unique and carefully created rocks with their partners.

Kudos to our primary level teachers, Parent Association reps, and Mr. Howden, HRS Counselor, for their work fostering kindness and community!

Speaker Series Goes Virtual
The Hamlin Robinson School Speaker Series has long had a reputation for connecting dyslexia education and child development experts with the community. Now, the Speaker Series brings experts from around the country right into your living room!

This year, the HRS Speaker Series will engage six exceptional speakers on the topics of robotics, equity and inclusion, genetics, executive functioning, and more. With the launch of virtual events via Zoom webinar, these professionals have already drawn an increased audience and growing excitement within our community. 

As our school becomes a regional resource hub for dyslexia and other language-based learning differences, this series promises to draw attendees not just from our own community, but can serve a regional and even national audience. Visit our website to see the list of featured speakers for the 2020-21 series or contact Jen Fukataki, Director of Community Services + HRS Learning Center, with questions.

Speaker Series Homepage

Contact Jen Fukutaki

Innovation in Practice
In response to our continued growth and recognizing the ever increasing need to remain connected in an era of technology innovation, HRS launched state-of-the-art parent and student information portals through our new student information system, Veracross. The portals connect parents and students to the school in new and efficient ways.

Through these portals, each group has access to tailored information displayed according to their role at the school. Students see class schedules and websites, school calendars, assignments, grades, and more. Parents see student academic information, plus school announcements, messages, and household directory information. Faculty can easily manage class logistics, such as attendance, gradebooks, and lesson planning.

We are excited to explore more ways to take advantage of the depth and breadth of resources offered through these portals – and to ensure our families have access to immediate and tailored information, delivering on our educational mission. ●