Music Academy

The HRS Music Academy adjusts music curriculum to align with the student, so they can learn how to use their talent and creativity in any music setting. We believe music rewards artists who are able to push boundaries, while at the same time, learning the structures and patterns behind the technique.

Music Academy instructors specialize in a wide-variety of instruments. Lessons are offered to HRS students on campus from 3:00pm - 6:00pm in 30-minute increments. Students enrolled in Music Academy are automatically enrolled in aftercare on lesson days.

Music Academy Instructors

Afsheen Fatemi

Electric and Stand Up Bass

Afsheen Fatemi is an electric and upright bassist. He played in the high school jazz band and was drawn to alternative rock and grunge. After moving to Los Angles with his band he gained experience writing and recording music for a wide array of artist and projects. Afsheen studied music theory, composition, and performance, at the Santa Monica College with Jazz Band Conductor, Keith Fiddmont. He currently plays in a number of bands based in the Pacific Northwest and continues to develop his studio practice.

Aidan Daly

Drum Kit, Percussion

Aidan Daly is a life-long lover of music, learning to play the drums at seven years old. He enjoys most genres of music but has a particular fondness for rock, funk, and hip-hop. Aidan was a member of the Roosevelt jazz band, as well as several rock bands with his friends. It is rare to find Aidan without music playing somewhere near him, and he considers music essential to his happiness. Aidan loves to engage in long discussions about music and art.

Peter Leyden

Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele

Peter Leyden is a Whitman College graduate, born and raised in Seattle. After teaching himself to play the Stairway to Heaven solo in 5th grade, guitar continued to provide him with a source of boundless creative inspiration and self discovery. Throughout high school and college, Peter played in numerous bands including (most recently) "Loose Collective" a reggae/ rhythm and blues staple of the Walla Walla winery scene. His personal guitar style is largely influenced by 70s & 80s legends as diverse as James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Slash, and Van Halen. He also admires new generation players such as Ben Howard and Garry Clark Jr.

David Lilley

Saxophone, Piano

David has an undergraduate degree in saxophone performance from the University of California with an emphasis in jazz studies. As a member of a variety of jazz and popular music groups, he has performed at the War Memorial Opera House, Herbst Theater, The Fox Theater, and other Bay Area venues. An active member of the education community, he has maintained a private studio for over a decade. David believes first and foremost in teaching that engages his students creatively.

Claudia Lee Horna


Claudia Lee Horna is a violinist and composer who graduated with a film scoring degree and a minor in American Roots music from Berklee College of Music. With over ten years experience playing classical violin, she is currently working to develop a range in different musical styles from around the world including Celtic, Old Time and traditional Eastern European. Born in Peru, Claudia began playing the violin at the age of 6 and learned in the classical style. Claudia is committed to encouraging both academic and creative growth in music students.

Steve Giedosh

Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Ukulele, Piano

Steve Giedosh, an east coast born musician and composer, holds a bachelor’s in music from MSUM and a Master's in Jazz Studies from PSU. He has 20 years of professional experience both here and abroad playing in bands and ensembles ranging from salsa, country, rock, blues, funk, R & B, jazz and even musicals. Along with playing and performing his own music in the Pacific Northwest, Steve has made it his life's work to empower others to find their voice and love of music.

To register for Music Academy, visit the HRS parent portal. To learn more about music academy, please contact Owen Fox.