Our Approach

Students with dyslexia learn differently

Classroom spaces and teaching methods embrace effective learning strategies so students can achieve success. Our comprehensive school program delivers structured, explicit instruction across all content areas. With the goal of student access, independence, and self-advocacy, HRS has an unwavering commitment to effective instruction and skill-building across all grade levels and classes. 


  • Targeted instruction in a classroom setting
  • Students achieve authentic success with their peers, building trust and confidence as learners
  • By understanding their strengths and how they learn, students take control of their learning and achieve their ambitions
  • Integrated, effective instruction allows students and families a reprieve from an unstable school/life balance
  • Student develop a lifelong love of learning


Students who graduate from HRS are prepared to attend private or public high school and go on to achieve success in higher education. We empower students to understand themselves as learners so they can advocate for the tools they need to be successful. 

  • Structured, explicit language instruction continues at increasingly complex levels
  • Rigorous academic program combined with intentional academic supports
  • Executive function development with use of planners, organizational skills coaching, and goal setting
  • Students become self-advocates and develop independence
  • Students develop empathy, critical thinking, and leadership skills