Summer Program

Hamlin Robinson School offers a wide-variety of unique summer programs, for students and teachers.

 This summer, we will be hosting a limited Slingerland® Program beginning on Wednesday July 7 - Friday July, 30. We anticipate this will be an in-person offering.

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To learn more about the summer Slingerland® Program, or to receive notification when the application opens, please complete the interest form.

We believe all students are happiest when they feel successful. Students enjoy the Slingerland® program because they understand the instruction and gain confidence in their ability to learn. We regularly see the pride in their successes.

During this 3.5-week class, students learn and practice oral language skills, penmanship, sound-symbol correspondence, spelling, written expression, decoding, and reading comprehension strategies.


  • Students possessing average to superior intelligence, but are not achieving in the language skills such as reading, spelling, penmanship, oral and/or written expression.
  • Students with language-based learning differences
  • Students who have a pattern of language difficulties in their family
  • Students showing weakness in the auditory and/or visual modalities, which interfere with understanding and using language
  • Students with kinesthetic motor modality weakness that interferes with recall of the sequence of movement involved in spoken language or in letter formation for penmanship