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Discovery & Enrichment

Joan Beauregard Endowment for Discovery & Enrichment

The Joan Beauregard Endowment for Discovery and Enrichment aims to create memorable and enriching experiences for students while exposing them to life-changing cultural, historic, civic, artistic, and scientific thinking.

The Endowment acknowledges that when budgets become tight, enrichment experiences are often the first to be put on hold. The endowment ensures that these vital programs will continue to enhance the HRS program for students.

Discovery & Enrichment guests educate and inspire students by introducing possibilities for the future. Many speakers have dyslexia or another learning difference themselves and share how that challenge helped them find success in their careers, while others simply have fascinating insight into careers and arts that students may not have encountered before.

Discovery & Enrichment experiences at Hamlin Robinson School have featured musicians, architects, scientists, filmmakers, dancers, actors, authors, and more.

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