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Joan Beauregard Endowment for Discovery & Enrichment

The Joan Beauregard Endowment for Discovery & Enrichment creates for HRS students – and the HRS community – experiences that will broaden and deepen their understanding of our world. Earnings from this endowment fund life-changing experiences involving cultural, historic, civic, artistic, and scientific thinking.

During the 2018-19 school year, HRS invited speakers and performers from a number of fields to present to HRS students.


Kate Kayaian
October 26, 2018

Renowned cellist and Director of Chamber Music for the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras, Kate Kayaian came to HRS to perform for HRS students and to share her story as a person with dyslexia. Students were encouraged to engage their imaginations while listening to music from many different periods and styles.


The Odyssey by Book-It Repertory Theater

March 20, 2019

Book-It Repertory Theater performed The Odyssey for the Middle School, which connects their knowledge of Ancient Greece to the larger literary experiences in different cultures.

Book-It is widely respected for the consistent artistic excellence of its work.


Krista Weltner

November 30, 2018

Award-winning filmmaker Krista Weltner showed her stop-motion film, "Partially Compensated," inspired by her own experience with dyslexia. Through the course of the film, Violet must learn to embrace her differences and so doing finds that there are advantages to thinking differently. Krista is also an aspiring author, illustrator, and artist.


Johnathon Schaech

March 22, 2019

Actor Johnathon Schaech visited HRS from Los Angeles to meet HRS students and see our school. Johnathon has been in more than 100 films and TV shows and, as an actor with dyslexia, is on the board of NoticeAbility, a Harvard University accredited nonprofit dedicated to helping students with brain-based differences identify their unique strengths and build their self-esteem.


John Savo

February 8, 2019

John Savo and his architectural firm designed the famous Amazon Spheres, conservatories that serve as an employee lounge and workspace. The domes house 40,000 plants, along with meeting and retail space. Savo shared the story of the Spheres from the initial design process to their construction on the Amazon campus. A supplemental weekend tour for HRS families followed.


New Shoes

by Book-It Repertory Theater

March 27, 2019

Book-It Theater performed New Shoes for the Lower School, a story about a young African-American girl in the Jim Crow-era South. The story reinforced that when students are free to be themselves, they will be accepted. Book-It is widely respected for the consistent artistic excellence of its work.