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Our Approach

HRS utilizes a multi-sensory teaching approach designed to help children with problems in the language areas: reading, writing, spelling, and oral communication. Specifically, we use the classroom adaption of Orton-Gillingham -- which is the Slingerland® Approach. This methodology provides the foundation for language instruction and other appropriate areas of curriculum at HRS.

The Slingerland® Approach begins with the smallest unit of sight, sound, and feel– a single letter. As children develop automatic association of letters and sounds and internalize the processes involved, the units become larger– moving from letters to words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and finally, essays and reports.

At HRS, students do not memorize lists of spelling words. Instead, they learn the process for blending words and use them in phrases, sentences and paragraphs. This helps them apply phonics and the structure of language to any written work. Throughout the curriculum, significant emphasis is placed on strategies for developing reading comprehension.